5 Pro Tips for the Best Home Exterior Updates

January 7, 2019

Every homeowner knows how important curb appeal is — discussions are full of questions regarding how to upgrade an outside. But sometimes it’s difficult to know where to get started. In case you place your financial plan toward new paint or your wilting flower garden? We requested designers and architects to give us their professional guidance. From planning to painting, here are their top tips for outdoor upgrade alternatives for all budgets.

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Start with simple maintenance. Basic cleanup may go a long way in amping up your house’s exterior and its curb appeal. Offer your outside a fantastic power wash, touch up paint trim, mow your yard and spread new mulch across flower and plant beds. If you’re trying to find a one-day fix up, down it another level. “If it’s a day project someone is looking for, I’d suggest repainting the front door and incorporating some potted plants or shrubs,” says designer Joe Human. “Small things such as flowers, new bark or edging and a brand new welcome mat are extremely quick and affordable ways to instantly add curb appeal.”

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Marry the home to its own landscape. The architects and designers we talked with are nearly unanimous — landscaping is what makes the biggest difference in exterior appeal. Whether you’re aiming to get a quick freshening up or a whole front lawn overhaul, take some time to come up with a basic plan for your own landscape. Aim to get a fantastic balance of plants and lawn. “Avoid placing sod down and calling it a day,” says Kyle Sheffield of LDA Architecture & Interiors. “Produce a transition from the home to the caliber by using species which descend in height in the home. This will give the appearance that the home is wed to the landscape instead of plopped on a great deal.”

Search for the sight lines in your lawn. Get a visual in the curb or drive by the space that you want to upgrade. “Identify the ‘where,'” states Kim Thibodeau of Paradise Restored Landscaping. “The view which will pull you and outside your guest.”

In case you don’t have a budget to plant anything new, do a big cleanup. Exotic trees and shrubs, and border flower beds. Insert topsoil and compost to even out the caliber, and bud and get rid of dead plantings.

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Refresh exterior paint. After landscaping, a new paint job would be these designers’ top pick for the biggest and most inexpensive way to upgrade an outside.

Maintain your colour palette simple for the most dramatic effect. “There is nothing worse than a house with too many elements, textures and colors mixed together to make a collage of outside styles,” says designer James Carrick. “Keep simplicity and consistency in mind to bring the elegance and charm of a house.”

Learn exactly what can and can’t have its colour changed in your own house — such as natural stone or brick which shouldn’t be painted — and use that as the basis for your palette.

Many designers suggest sticking with a two- or three-color palette for the siding, the trimming and an accent. “If you want to utilize the three-color palette, be sure to balance in which you want the accent colour so that it does not conquer the siding and trim colour,” says Sheffield.

Sheffield also urges making the accent colour the darkest of the three colour options. Use your colour to emphasize the fantastic parts of your residence and draw the eye away from some other negative features. Architect Thad Siemasko often uses exterior colors to exaggerate a paneled door, a somewhat strange bricks or trim. “We often tie the shutter, front door and garage door colors along with a deep highlight to get a fantastic impact,” he states.

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Care for upgrading older homes. Updating any part of your house’s exterior should be done with care, but older homes can come with their fair share of anxieties. Rotted sills, leaky gutters, neglected masonry joints and also deteriorating windows may frequently be shown through the upgrading process. “Older homes generally have a certain degree of damage from water infiltration over the years,” says architect Jordan Parnass. “Renovating the outside may be an excellent way to verify that vapor barriers and insulation are up so far — and inspect window frames, gutters and trimming for any damage.”

Even painting may cause some problems. “Painting in an older house can be difficult, depending on the number of layers of paint are around and just how well it’s been painted over time,” says Human. “This may cause more prep labour and material price.” If you’re concerned that your house’s age may cause complications, it can be best to consult with a specialist.

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Pay attention to architectural details. Window shutters, molding around doors and windows, trim with backband and other outside details can all add attention to outside styles. And energy-efficient windows, new trim, siding and gutters can improve performance as well as aesthetic. “Anything that improves the building envelope as well as curb appeal will go a long way, particularly if you’re going to be selling your house,” says Sheffield.

If it’s in your budget, it might be worth considering an upgrade to your house’s roof. This often-overlooked region of the exterior may break or make a home’s curb appeal. “Think of it as the crown or cap to your house,” says Human. “If your entire house is spotless and the roofing is looking tired, it is going to bring the entire thing down”

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