Foundation Repair

How To Lay Bricks Like A Bricklayer

Laying bricks is not a difficult process, especially when you know how to do it. There are some simple steps that concrete Anchorage experts follow that can also help you do it on your own. In terms of the tools, the ones that you use in concrete projects will come in handy. With the right […]

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Gardening and Landscaping

Excellent Design Plant: Bald Cypress

Poorly drained landscapes and wet soil can haunt home gardeners. Bald cypress (Taxodium distichum), native to southern U.S. swamps and traditionally harvested for lumber, can function as the perfect ornamental alternative, particularly those with too much wet thing. “They’ve brilliant soft and feathery foliage, reddish-brown peeling bark and then flip a great russet brown colour […]

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Flooring Blur the Line Between Inside and Out

As long as I live, I won’t ever forget the first time that I experienced the complete amount of the line between indoor and outdoor area. I was vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. As soon as I walked in to this amazing condo, I could understand that the whole rear wall was open to the […]

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More Room Guides

10 Ways To Create a Room Bloom

Even though the majority of the nation is still deeply entrenched in winter , I am prepared for a small spring! A fantastic way to bring a little bit of sunshine into your home during all year is to include floral prints from the design scheme of your own rooms. Even though this might conjure […]

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Saturated Color: Peacock Blues

My preference varies with alarming frequency. One week it is Modern Rustic, the next it is Retro Charming. However, teal (or peacock blue, if you are not into the entire brevity thing) has turned into my favorite color for the long haul. Why has it withstood my famously finicky and swaying taste? Well, just look […]

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Man Spaces

8 Ways to Design the Man Cave Up

Every man deserves a dedicated space at home to be himselfrelax exclusively by practicing his chords, entertain his buddies with billiards or even TV, or pursuing another passion. With my husband’s help I have assembled a list of great illustrations and 8 best essentials. Take a look and tell me what you think. Did I […]

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Houzz Tours: Edith Wharton’s The Mount

Today I’d like to take you on a tour of some remarkable property that has undergone a huge restoration to make it back to its former glory. It is The Mount, the home that Edith Wharton had built in 1902 in Lenox Massachusetts. Even though many understand Wharton since the first girl to win the […]

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Kitchen Guides

Alternatives to Granite Countertops, Part III

While it’s true that there’s nothing wrong with granite counters, the simple fact that granite is so hot has a great deal of folks looking elsewhere for new countertop materials. Well, people looking for some thing else will probably be relieved to know there’s a world of alternatives out there. What I find fascinating is […]

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Top Home Repair Projects to Increase Your Home's Value

If you are planning to bring your property to the market, there has to be enough confidence that the home will fetch the price that it deserves. There are many factors that can determine the value of a property. Some are geopolitical and economic factors that tend to be beyond our control while others are […]

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Kitchen Guides

Brilliant Idea: The Kitchen Window Pass-Through

A kitchen window pass-through is such a fantastic idea! I simply don’t know why I don’t see this more frequently. Once I was a teenager living in Southern California, we had a pool in the backyard and could spend the whole day outside there. One of my mum’s favourite things about our kitchen was the […]

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