Renting and Tenant Rights

Issues With Landlords & Bugs

Overview Renting a home or an apartment opens the door to some common issues faced by renters. Insect infestations are one of the most serious problems tenants face. Roaches, ants, bedbugs and other insects can create health difficulties. The issues become even worse when landlords refuse to provide help. Infestations Bug issues become a significant […]

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Coastal Style

A Paean to '60s and the 1950s in Pennsylvania

Call it kismet. Call it a pipe dream come true. Matthew and Bobbie Fisher fell in love with a renovated midcentury modern home designed by architect Irwin Stein. Nevertheless, it was so out of the price range they stayed put and kept home searching. A year after Craig Wakefield, the Realtor who had shown the […]

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Decorating Guides

7 Ways to Play Symmetry for a Dynamic Design

“Symmetry” — derived from the Greek term which means “to quantify together” — has a couple of meanings. The better-known definition of “symmetry” is really a balance attained through ratio and harmony. Another definition has to do with the mathematical idea of mirror symmetry, where items on each side of a centerline are completely identical. […]

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Chalk It Up

Are you really getting spring fever? I know I am! As anxious as I am to have outdoors and start sprucing up my landscape, Mother Nature appears to have other thoughts. If you’re searching for a simple DIY job to tackle as you wait for spring to officially arrive, chalkboard paint is your solution. Chalkboard […]

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