Budgeting Your Project

What Are the Steps Leading Up to a Foreclosure?

Home foreclosures can happen for numerous reasons, however in the end, banks must foreclose on a home because a borrower can’t or won’t make his monthly payments. Foreclosure rarely comes as a surprise, given the reality that their are multiple attempts made by the lending institution to encourage the borrower to bring the loan up-to-date […]

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How to Research Your Home's History

If you live in an older home, it can be exciting and edifying to find out about the history of your house. What did it look like if it was constructed? Who dwelt in it? What changes are made over time? Knowing more about your house’s history can also help you make crucial renovating and […]

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Hot Color Combo: Warm Brass and Cool Blues

Unexpectedly the combo is anywhere — deep, rich navies and royal blues paired with hot metals such as brass, copper and gold. You have probably seen this colour pairing on or gracing the pages of a recent journal distribute, and if it may be a trend, I really don’t think that it’s going anywhere anytime […]

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Easy Ways to Receive Your Closet Organized at the Moment

Without delving into any psychobabble here, it is safe to say that a cluttered closet does not contribute to anyone’s happiness. Conversely, a coordinated cupboard can bring forth euphoric pleasure — or, in the very least, a sense of relief in finally discovering that long-lost blouse or pillowcase. “A place for everything and everything in […]

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