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7 Haute Home Decor Ideas for Fashion Lovers

June 18, 2019

Do you have heaps of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar you can’t quite part with? Can you hoard buying bags from that splurge? Can you leave out new purchases to respect for days? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time to bring your love of style to your home decoration. It is easy to do, and unlike couture, lots of these thoughts will put you back only a few dollars. Happy browsing!

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1. Display style photographs and sketches. One of the easiest ways to add some style to your home is using a favourite style photo. It is possible to cut them right out of your glossies. W is a great source since it is bigger than many magazines.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Let your teenager pick favorite magazine covers out and frame them.

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Fashion books and advertisements are another good source. Buy a monograph of a favourite design home’s work, cut out your favorites and framework them identically to make a style art wall. If you are a shoe lover, take a look at novels featuring Manolo Blahnik’s charming drawings.

Gillian Abrams Designs

This designer saw these photographs in a few books at a used-book shop.

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Obviously, if you’re searching for something that’s a step above DIY magazine artwork, there’s loads of high-fashion-related artwork out there to purchase. This Chanel piece celebrates the iconic No. 5 at a much more sophisticated way than those weird new Brad Pitt advertisements.

Shawna Jaramillo

2. Length a scarf. If you are like me, you were born with no knowing-how-to-tie-a-scarf gene. Show them off because the artwork and have your favorites framed they are.

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Likewise, you may also decide to frame items such as necklaces and bracelets in shadow boxes. Notice the pleasure this designer has had with color and pattern on the background bits. You can use paper or cloth.

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3. Set your favourite pieces on display. Even if you dare to teeter around in those stilettos only once a year, you can appreciate them every day when you set them on a display shelf or in acrylic boxes. I use my preferred clothing bags as magazine holders round the house and hang preferred bags on doorknobs just so I can appreciate them all the time.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Closet designer Lisa Adams always urges designing a cupboard like it is a boutique. If you can, keep your things arranged rather than stashed in drawers.

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4. Let your favourite style boxes and bags inspire your decoration. It is very tough to throw an Hermès box ; utilize it as color inspiration.

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Hermès orange and chocolate brown interpret into an urbane den.

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Likewise, iconic Tiffany-box blue is extra glam in gloss or lacquer.

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5. Utilize a vintage trunk for a coffee table or side table, or at the foot of your bed. Vintage Louis Vuitton and Goyard steamer trunks are exceptionally sought-after pieces. If you are fortunate enough to have inherited one, leave it outside someplace where you can enjoy it.

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6. Do not forget about menswear. Plaid, pin-striped and gray flannel fabrics lend a clean, tailored look.

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7. Upholster your furniture in style fabrics. The Mah Jong sofa from Roche Bobois could be mixed and matched in a number of fabrics, such as prints from Missoni and Jean Paul Gaultier.

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Kartell’s Mademoiselle Chairs come in a number of fabrics, such as these by Missoni in addition to others from Moschino.

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