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A Property Management Moving Checklist

January 18, 2020

A checklist benefits the renter and the home owner by keeping track of rental conditions and preventing issues or disputes between the landlord and tenant. Property management decides who will handle payments for wear and tear. This can be made clear through a rental arrangement. A move-in checklist describes conditions of exterior and this interior of the property, hence the conditions could be compared throughout the period.

Moving In

Descriptions can be included by A move-in checklist on the state of the walls, flooring, lighting and such additions. Conditions of items including bathroom amenities, windows, appliances, kitchen faucets and sinks, air conditioning or heating, doors and windows are also recorded, in the home owner’s discretion. Checklists can include space for the new tenant to go through the property and make remarks about conditions a crack in the walls, As an example marks or uneven tiling. Both landlord and the tenant can go over the situation to take care of repairs or defects. The property owner contains the list is signed by the renter and includes all imperfections that are acceptable on the list.

Going Out

Moving from the property occurs depending on the property or tenant owner’s conclusion. Rental agreements usually specify what’s satisfactory note, often 30 days, of the move out by both parties. It is dependent upon the terms of the rental, which is a month-to-month, semi or annual agreement. A checklist to inspect terms of this property is used by the landlord. The home owner typically sets a date for a”walk through” of the property together with the tenant.


The renter may or may not want to take part in the”walk ” but the method allows the tenant some opportunity to make repairs if possible or necessary. The landlord records items not fixed or replaced on the record that is move-out. Taking pictures or videos of this property and in the inspection aids in a home owner’s documentation, especially when damage occurs. Photos can be attached to the checklist. The same form can be used by property owners for your moving in and moving out checklist to make comparisons. Check marks on record spaces and remarks can be reached on a moving-out list or within a segment next to the moving-in list.

Notice and Duties

Property managers provide advice on individually telling the tenant of necessities like returning keys, giving a forwarding address and return of a deposit or the checklist, if applicable. A note before the tenant moves out can explain the tenant’s responsibilities, including replacing light bulbs or broken items and ensuring the location is kept as neat and tidy as it had been during the move-in. The moving checklist makes certain any transfer is completed for the landlord and the renter, and also can be the basis for an agreement between landlord and tenant to get deducting costs of repairs in the tenant’s security deposit. The checklist helps provide documentation for property owners if legal action is necessary to get reimbursement for damages.

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