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Argyle Chic Crosses From Clothes into the Home

July 21, 2019

Quick: What comes to mind when you think of the term “argyle”? You probably pictured woolen jeans, Scottish golfing sweaters and New England prep schools. But this cherished pattern, essentially crisscrossing lines that overlap tiers of diamonds, has claimed a spot in home interiors too. Now’s interpretation of argyle has less in common with knitting needles than using vibrant decor trends — just have a look at the examples below.

Can you have argyle into your property? Tell us how you’ve used it in the Remarks!

Anita Roll Murals

An oversized argyle pattern with this wall plays scale in a fantastic, unexpected way that brings the room to life.


Can you see the argyle in this room? Look closely … it’s in the light fixture.

Hallmark Interior Design LLC

Tile quadrants divided by crisscrossing strips of grass create a superb riff on argyle design in this landscape.

Selma Hammer Designs

This lively argyle pattern trimmed in eyelash fringe makes a peppy coverlet for a child’s bedroom.

MN Builders

A subtle argyle pattern of tiles on the kitchen floor makes a refreshing alternative to the customary checkerboard layout.

sherry hart

The same technique lends energy and movement to the walls of this toilet.


Argyle Print Bongo Drum Ottoman – AUD 90

Paired with chevrons, argyle-inspired diamonds jazz this up stool. The timeless palette prevents it from feeling as if it belongs in a circus tent.


Lauren Ralph Lauren Argyle Highballs (Set of 4) – $49.90

An argyle pattern with this cut-glass barware adds a coating of preppy chic.

Argyle Duct Tape – $5.95

Do you really need argyle-print duct tape? Of course not, but it’s so much more fun than black gray or black.

AphroChic Shop

The Beat Wallpaper – $210

This background can go in any number of design instructions: traditional, contemporary, bohemian or midcentury.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to pumpkin decoration, along come these argyle-painted beauties. The best part? You can replicate this procedure with any color that contrasts with your property.

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