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Brilliant Idea: The Kitchen Window Pass-Through

May 22, 2018

A kitchen window pass-through is such a fantastic idea! I simply don’t know why I don’t see this more frequently. Once I was a teenager living in Southern California, we had a pool in the backyard and could spend the whole day outside there. One of my mum’s favourite things about our kitchen was the window that opened so she could slide lunch and snacks onto a counter out — and stay hungry, dripping teenagers from traipsing through the kitchen. The pass-through also rescued countless measures walking round the front end of the kitchen to bring food and dishes back and forth.

Do you love to entertain outdoors or simply love spending time out there? You know, not everyone can afford to have a complete outdoor kitchen, so a fantastic kitchen window pass-through can be the next-best thing. When there’s a kitchen remodel in your future and your kitchen shares a wall with your backyard or patio, then browse through these hints for getting the most out of this fantastic feature.

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Bertram Architects

Okay, I might need to provide you a bit of time here to stare at the view out of this wonderful kitchen. Go ahead, have a minute.


Now that you have torn away your eyes from the view, note the window on the right continues to be folded all of the way back, creating a pass-through along the entire length of this counter.

1. Windows that fold or slide out of the way open up the maximum space to provide you maximum functionality. You can readily reach the outside part of the counter top from anywhere along the length. You will also have the ability to open and close the window without needing to clean the counter.

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2. Use the identical countertop material inside and outside for a more seamless appearance. The stainless steel counter here is easy to clean and impervious to the outside elements.

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The lower wall at the ideal side of the home is the exterior side of the kitchen counter seen from across the pool.

3. Put the pass-through on the face of the kitchen facing the activity! This kitchen is on a corner, and it could just as easily have been the other hand that opened up. But facing the pass-through supporting the pool signifies the person cooking faces the celebration, and there’s lots of room for the guests outdoors to come up into the kitchen, which is where everybody at a party wishes to be anyway.

4. Pay attention to the gap between indoor and outdoor floors amounts. It’s perfect if your outdoor and indoor floor levels will be the same or no more than approximately 6″- 8″ reduced to the outside level. When the indoor and exterior floor is in precisely the same elevation, then your countertop will still be “counter height” outdoors. If your ground level outside is 6″ to 8″ reduced, then you will realize your counter will be “bar height” on the outside.

It occurs less frequently, but in the event that you truly have a backyard somewhat higher than your interior floor level, then think about using a 6″ to 8″ backsplash above your kitchen counter with the window above and attach the outside counter in the bottom of the window.

Differences in peaks larger than this make it rather inconvenient to hit up or down with plates that are loaded.

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5. Be certain the counter on the outside is broad enough to use when the window has been shut. My recommendation would be 18″ deep. Barstools may be used comfortably under that thickness. It creates a perfect spot for the children to have lunch after a dip in the pool without halfway throughout the house. If you don’t have a pool, it is still a wonderful spot to enjoy lunch or a snack outdoors. Though I enjoy the counter stools finest, if you don’t need them, you could also place cabinetry or shelving under the counter for more storage.

6. If the wall with your pass-through has plumbing through it, consider adding an outside sink. That would provide you a simple wet bar or location for children to wash hands prior to eating.

Silva Studios Architecture

7. Store party supplies close at hand on the inside for fast access.

8. Organize the kitchen layout to supply a lot of clear counter space beside the pass-through. If you’re able to place your kitchen sink and cooker from the pass-through, then you’ll have a nice freezer area that may work as a large buffet area for parties.

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The generously sized counter on the left side of this house gives a convenient sideboard for the outside dining area.

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If you don’t actually need the lower cupboard space under your window, think about creating an whole wall that opens. It’s a more expensive proposal, to be certain, but there’s no need to take food out once the kitchen may literally become part of their outside space.

Perhaps you have ever created a pass-through into the outside for your kitchen? Upload these photos! We want to see!

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