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Guest Picks: The Royal Treatment

October 9, 2018

We have discovered that spending a night in your own guest room every now and then is a fantastic way to make sure your visitors are comfy. Before you do, stock your free bedroom with all these essentials to create a five-star experience right at home. From amazing bedding to heavenly scents, your visitors will get the royal treatment.

Kristy and Beth out of Design Chic

F & B Specialty Linen

If it comes to making guests feel welcome, few particulars are as important as a luxurious bed. There is nothing like snuggling up under a nice set of sheets and waking up feeling rested and refreshed. The higher the thread count, the better!

F & B Specialty Linen

Alyssa Matelasse Coverlet and Shams by Peacock Alley – $100

Sureyour guest bed is comfortable, but it’s fine if it could be beautiful also. A simple Peacock Alley coverlet using shams is tasteful, timeless and appealing to the preferences of just about any guest.


Antica Farmacista Room & Linen Spray – $29

For the finishing touch into your bed that already looks stunning and feels like a dream, a yummy linen spray is essential. We like one with a touch of lavender for drifting off to sleep as a baby.


Matouk Soaps – $14

Soap is a guest bathroom necessity, and let us face it, your visitors can get Dove or Ivory at home. For a relaxing, over-the-top experience, a lovely scented soap is essential. A fresh bar every time looks the nicest, and as a bonus, you can indulge in the leftovers.

Fine Linens

Vintage Chain Towels by Matouk – $29

Nothing produces a relaxing bath or shower fall flat like a thin, ratty towel. A fluffy, oversized bath sheet is the ideal finishing touch to some vacation-length soak.

Fine Linens

Venus Guest Towels by Matouk – $90

Fluffy towels and washcloths for bathing are all essential, however no guest bathroom is complete without a few monogrammed hand towels too. Starched and pressed, they are elegant in almost any space. Make sure you have spares to refresh them every morning.

Fine Folding Furniture

Rattan Luggage Rack with Brown Cloth Straps – $78

You adore your visitors, but you are not as wild about their bag stashed all over your free room. This rattan bag rack is light enough to devote a closet and trendy enough to remain out, even when it is not holding a bag.

Restoration Hardware

40″ English Roll Arm Slipcovered Chaise – $2,195

In the event the fall-right-to-sleep mattress is the main course of this guest bedroom, then a comfy chaise is the dessert. There is no better spot to curl up with a good book while winding down before bedtime. If a gorgeous, cashmere throw is draped over the finish for dozing, all the better…

Michael C. Fina

Cashmere Throw, Ivory – $495

Nothing makes your guests feel right at home such as the softness of a nice, luxe cashmere throw. If you don’t have space for a chaise, we adore throws on the end of the mattress too.

Lighting Direct

Bamboo Floor Lamp with Cream Crinkle Shades – $598.40

To us, nothing affects a look of this space over soft, lovely lighting. Vary harsh overhead bulbs to the glow of a lamp. We love the appearance of the bamboo-inspired version and would make use of it supporting the duvet for a gorgeous reading light.

Inside Avenue

Gold Morroco Hexagonal Side Table – $455

Instead to place books or keep a steaming mug of coffee at arm’s reach, a perfectly proportioned table with the chaise is a must. We love the hexagonal shape, mirrored top and golden colour of the one. The open shape makes it feel light and airy.


Jane Austen: The Complete Novels – $16.50

You never know when insomnia will strike, so keeping your guest room stocked with reading material is essential. We like to provide our overnighters with something timeless, such as these Jane Austen classics.


19th Century French Lady’s Desk

Guests are fantastic, but let us face it, the person spending time on your guest room is you. That is why we make sure our rooms are all reflections of us. This stunning French antique desk is a perfect spot for writing thank you notes — or making your guests feel like they’re in Versailles.


Classic French Tri-pod Desk Lamp Attributed to Boris Lacroix

A gorgeous desk lamp is nearly as important as the desk . For instance down a quick note or bathing the room in a gentle glow, we believe this antique lamp fits the bill perfectly. We’d pair it with the stunning French desk.

Home Decorators Collection

Queen Anne’s Silver Vases – $149

Nothing says”welcome” like a space and bathroom graced by freshly cut flowers. These bud vases are excellent for displaying a few stems. If it comes to flowers, we state that the more, the better. A vase in the bathroom, on the bedside table and on the desk brings the outside into your lavish space.

Satin Padded Hangers – $12.59

If you’re trying to make your visitors feel like royalty, standard wire hangers are not going to cut it. Satin padded hangers add a special touch to any closet, and we believe they make clothes look better. And who wants a wrinkled guest?

Bed Bath & Beyond

Ravenscroft® Crystal Waldorf Water Carafe – $39.99

For those parched, middle-of-the-night minutes, acquiring a carafe and water glass by the bed is a must. We adore this lead-free crystal water set, so our visitors are not stumbling about in the dark looking for the kitchen.

B.D. Jeffries

Glass Desk Clock – $95

Upon awakening in the middle of the night, the very first thing we look for is the clock. Fortunately, these are fantastic timepieces and good to your decoration. We’d put them on the bedside table so guests can tell the time in a glance.

Olive & Cocoa

Fresh Cut Grass Candle Tray – $64

To get a pleasing odor that is not overwhelming and appeals to the palate of male and female guests, this fresh cut grass candle is ideal. It is as decorative as it is sweet-smelling.

Reverie Daydream Artisan Boutique

Zebra Scented Drawer Liners – $25

Even if it’s true that guests, such as fish, begin to smell after a couple of days, your drawers won’t. We would make use of these liners to present our guests’ clothes a distinctive odor. As an incentive, the liners are made out of earth-friendly (and people-friendly) rice paper and natural essential oils.

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