Lay Your Room: Floor Plan Ideas for Bathrooms Little to Big Out

September 13, 2019

Among the first things I do when I see a room for the first time is study the options for furniture arrangement. Sometimes there may be greater than one great option. Sometimes, things like windows, a fireplace or doorways can limit options and stump the homeowner on how to place furniture.

Living rooms are one of my favorite rooms to decorate. Living rooms sometimes get a bad rap since the most underused area in the home, and a few homes do not even have them. They’re fairly traditional spaces with no specific usefulness, like a kitchen or toilet. I believe that is why I like decorating them ; it’s all about the furniture. Below are a few great examples of furniture floor plans that not only look great, but take benefit of the chambers’ architectural features.

Cornerstone Architects

I like to begin on a furniture floor plan by considering the various angles of the room. This stunning space in an open-concept setting takes advantage of the view with two floated sofas that create a version of a sectional focused toward the outdoors.

Cornerstone Architects

From another angle, it is clear how developing a corner together with the sofas makes a visual separation from the dining room just behind the living area.

Ownby Design

This handsome living area is eye catching with its powerful neutrals, and the designer also pulled off major challenges. The living area is just past the front door, therefore a long console table was placed behind the first couch to create a feeling of entry. Both facing couches deliver excellent symmetry, adding to the transitional feel of the room. Two chairs were placed in the front of the fireplace, which can be in the corner. The fireplace in this case acts as a backdrop rather than the focus.

Ownby Design

Floating the furniture in this case was the best strategy. From the opposite angle, it is apparent that this room takes advantage of the stunning view at precisely the same time as it provides comfortable seating for TV watching.

Erika Bonnell Interiors

Here is a common condition in a smaller area with lots of large windows. Don’t be afraid to pull the furniture away from the walls. This classic arrangement makes a small room feel larger, with many chairs for guests to choose from. See the ottoman in lieu of a coffee table. A tray provides a hard surface for blossoms or drinks. The drapes have a natural place to collapse since furniture is pulled off from the walls.

Spacecrafting / Architectural Photography

The couch positioning inside this area gives a visual break from the kitchen. Two chairs side by side in the front of the French doors provide additional seating but do not obstruct the view. Both smaller stools placed facing the fireplace supply more places to sit but don’t crowd the main seating area or block the view to the fireplace.


This classic furniture arrangement features twin couches facing each other with a great coffee table in between. Think about a long and low chaise longue to divide a long space and help specify two seating areas.

Margaret Donaldson Interiors

Use a centre table to divide two spaces. Oversize rooms can be just as catchy as little rooms; they can feel cold and cavernous. The goal is to bring them down to an individual scale and also encourage comfortable collecting.

Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors

In case you’ve got a fireplace off to one side, consider 1 sofa seat to the side whilst developing a corner sofas contrary to the seat. This creates visual equilibrium. Notice the great game table at the corner which sits at the window with all the magnificent sunlight.

Tucker & Marks

I love the option of 2 chairs here with the couch opposite. The expression of the chairs facing the French doors is airy and light. Also, the chair positioning leaves sufficient room to create a wonderful vignette to the left of the fireplace. Always try to include small tables next to seating for setting down books or beverages. I prefer tables which are not pairs but possess individual personality.

jamesthomas Interiors

Bookshelves make great backdrops. This is a really small room with the challenge of a corner fireplace. The bookcase adds depth and visual scale to the room. This little space has room for eight adults because of its clever chaise longue positioning as additional seating.

Marie Burgos Design

The classic sectional is still a great option. I believe there is excellent flexibility in this floor plan. It sports a large, comfortable sectional for TV watching, two additional chairs which add interest and a cellular piece for holding the TV. The height of the TV stand provides a transitional vibe to the industrial aesthetic

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