Mansard Roof

December 14, 2018

A mansard roof is a version of a hip roof, with four sloping sides along with 2 slopes per face. The steep incline of the reduced part of the roof has dormers to produce the loft space more livable. Roofs are often connected with French layout.

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The Mansard roof has been created by architect Fran├žois Mansart in the early 1600s. Frequent attributes of the more ornate mansard roofs comprised cornices, round arched windows, rock carved details about dormer windows, balustrades and porticos.

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During the mid 1800s, the mansard roof regained popularity in both Paris and at the USA. This”Second Empire” movement was considered a modern”modern” style.

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Besides the decorative appeal of the stately mansard roof, the contour allows for increased interior loft or living space. Dormers are utilized for light and ventilation, and also help in creating more head room.

Mansard roofs are tightly related to gambrel or duplex roofs, but gambrel roofs have two sided sides with a gable at either end, and a mansard roof is a hip roof with 4 concentric sides.


This home combines a gambrel eaved roof plus a mansard main roof. Gambrels are typical on barn roofs, which has steep sides allowing snow loads to slip off easily.

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Roofs have lots of variants. They’re able to have sloped sides that are straight or convex, and the rooftop can have a flat or low slope limiting the steeper face where the dormers are placed.

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