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Neat Little Project: A Wooden Planter to Hang Anywhere

February 15, 2019

You will realize this project as a simple window box, however you should not restrict it to just a window. This planter can go in almost any spot where you are able to drive a few screws in, make it a wooden fencing (as shown here), a blank wall or near that window.

If your outdoor space is a balcony and also you do not wish to mount it there, then you may simply place it on the balcony floor, where it can get the best sunlight. (Check local codes first if your home is in a multiunit building.) It’s big enough that you can grow herbs inside, or you’ll be able to fill it using seasonal flowers of your choice.

Chris Hill

This planter box measures 33 inches wide, 8 inches high and 101/4 inches deep.

Materials:(2) 1-by-8-by-8 cedar boards(1) 1-by-4-by-8 bamboo plank (2) 1-by-2-by-8 cedar boards(1) 2-by-2-by-8 walnut board1⅝-inch deck screws11/4-inch deck screws#18 x 11/4-inch galvanized bradsExterior wood gluePaint or solid exterior stainTools:Table sawCircular saw or miter sawDrill or driverMeasuring tapeSquareLevelPaintbrushes

Chris Hill

Produce the End Assemblies

From the 2-by-2, cut the cleats (four total) to 51/2 inches . From the 1-by-8, cut the endings (two complete ) to 2 3/4 inches .

Apply glue to a face of this cleats and position them as shown in Figure 1. Attach the endings to the cleats using 1⅝-inch deck screws.

Chris Hill

Twist the Bottom

From the 1-by-8 cut the underside to 30 inches .

Position the end assemblies so the endings of the cleats that are 3/4 inch from the edge of the endings are facing upward. Apply glue to those endings of the cleats and set the underside as shown in Figure 2. Twist the bottom into the cleats using 1⅝-inch deck screws.

Drill several 1/4-inch drain holes at the bottom.

Chris Hill

Attach the Sides

From the 1-by-8, cut the sides to 30 inches .

Apply glue to the outside edges of the cleats and underside, and position the sides as shown in Figure 3. Attach the sides into the cleats using 1⅝-inch deck screws. Drive a couple of #18 x 11/4-inch galvanized brads throughout the sides and to the bottom as well.

Chris Hill

Attach the Stiles

From the 1-by-2, cut seven stiles to 71/4 inches .

Apply glue to a face of the stiles and position the stiles as exhibited in Figure 4. Position one stile centered on one side as shown. Both back stiles must overhang the edge of this assembly by 3/4 inch. The rest of the stiles are placed flush with the front corners of this assembly as shown. Twist using #18 x 11/4-inch galvanized brads.

Chris Hill

Create and Attach a French Cleat

A French cleat is essentially two interlocking boards that have been cut along their length at 45 degrees. Many cabinets are connected to walls using a French cleat, because it’s sturdy and will support a good deal of weight.

Mark a centerline Throughout the end of this 1-by-4 board. Mark the center point of this line and draw a 45-degree angle that bisects this center point.

Set the saw blade on your table saw in 45 degrees, then place the weapon on your table saw so that the 45-degree mark lines up with the saw blade. Rip the 1-by-4 to two long pieces, making two interlocking boards — one for your planter box, the other for the surface which you plan to mount it. Cut the box cleat into 311/2 inches in length along with the mounting cleat into 291/2 inches in length.

Position the box cleat (together with the point away from the assembly) flush against the side with no focused stile and attach it using 11/4-inch deck screws.

Chris Hill

Twist the Trim

From the 1-by-2, cut the two pieces of finish trim to 71/4 inches and the 2 pieces of side trimming to 33 inches .

Apply glue to the peak of the assembly (sides, ends, stiles and box cleat). Position the side trim flush with the outer borders of the assembly and the finish trimming flush with the ends of the side trim. Attach the bits using #18 x 11/4-inch galvanized brads.

Paint the box as desired.

Chris Hill

Mount the Planter Box

Use a flat to position the mounting cleat level on your desired mounting surface. This box has been mounted on a wood fence, therefore the mounting cleat was connected to the fence using 11/4-inch deck screws.

To mount on other surfaces, you will have to match the fasteners to the surface — as an instance, masonry screws to get brick or concrete walls.

Only set the box by hooking the box cleat onto the mounting cleat.

Chris Hill

Fill’Er Up

Depending on your situation and just how high you mount the box, you may fill it either before or after upgrading it. You are going to want less than 1 cubic feet of soil.

What you need to know about potting soil

Chris Hill

Pick the plants to your box depending on the amount of sunlight (hours per day) the place will get.

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