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New Home Ceiling Ideas

November 7, 2019

Stylish ceilings can improve the appearance of any room and add to a home’s resale value. Among the greatest benefits of building a residence is the opportunity to choose every substance and style of decor, including the type of ceiling. These projects may cost much more in the future, so spend some time picking out the very best ceiling option before you build.


Installing skylights is one way to benefit from the natural light on your region and break up the empty space that a plain white ceiling could create. Skylights reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, helping you lower your home energy expenses. If your roof receives a whole lot of sunlight it is possible to coat a skylight using UV film and keep out harmful rays that can fade your carpeting or other decor.

Drop Ceilings

A fall ceiling is a cheap, attractive choice for basements and other rooms that may otherwise have an unfinished look. Drop ceilings consist of a metal framework. They are also able to include panels for fluorescent lighting or cutaways for heating and air-conditioning vents.

Adding Color

Many homeowners are content with white ceilings, which help brighten a room but do little in the way of adding style. A painted ceiling, in a subdued color of a color that your room’s decor will feature, will help unify the room and include interest. Ceiling colors can also help create visual unity throughout the house, by repeating colors or allowing a major room’s ceiling color to extend into a hallway or alcove ceiling.

Metal Ceilings

Metal ceilings are more expensive and difficult to set up than most other types, but adding them to a new residence will quickly increase its value. Metal ceilings incorporate thin metallic plates that often feature an attractive layout or feel. Adding a metallic ceiling to a single room can help emphasize that space as essential to the house while adding a touch of elegance to an otherwise small space.


Sponged ceilings are much more visually interesting than flat white ceilings. Sponged ceilings are the end result of employing a sponge to the wet paint, causing it to pull away in the drywall in areas and developing a rippled or pointed out feel. Sponged ceilings are more difficult to clean and repaint, but offer a cheap way of injecting creativity to your new residence.

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