The best way to Disinfect a Wood Floor

March 3, 2018

Your hard-wood floors have plenty of abuse from spills, animals, sneakers and children. This activity can deposit viruses, germs and dirt . While water and vinegar is a suggested non-toxic answer for wood floors, watch out for cleaning solutions that contain chemicals that are possibly dangerous to people and animals. A steam mop is still another favored approach to rapidly and safely clean your hard-wood floors, killing about 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals.

Vinegar and Water

Sweep up particles and dirt off your Landscaping service Wilmington using dust pan and a broom.

Combine 1/2 cup of white vinegar with a bucket and a gallon of warm in blend properly. The acid content of vinegar disinfects your wood floors and kills germs.

Dip your mop to the water and vinegar solution and squeeze the extra fluid out. Before the whole Landscaping flowers Fort Lauderdale is sanitized begin mopping on one aspect of the area, occasionally dipping your mop to the bucket. Allow your wood flooring before strolling onto it to dry completely.

Steam Mop

Sweep up particles and dirt off your Landscaping cheap Phoenix, AZ using dust pan and a broom.

Attach the pad that came along with your steam fill and mop the water tank, after the directions of the manufacturer’s.

Plug in your steam mop and change it on it to enable enough time to the device to pre heat. A “ready” light will usually think about it when the steamer is ready to use.

Slowly drive the steam mop over an area of your hard-wood flooring, pressing button or the trigger that enables your device to emit steam. Steam mops need one to allow the mop to hover over the location for 20 or 15 seconds to successfully sanitize it. Refer to your own manufacturer’s directions for sanitizing occasions that are specific.

Unplug your steam mop if you are finished cleansing and permit it to cool. Remove the pad, empty the water tank, before you require it next time and shop your device. Mop pads can usually be machine dried and washed for use that is recurring.

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