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The way to Use Landscaping Mesh to Stop Rats

January 2, 2023

Rats can become a nuisance when they find a suitable food source such as your compost bin, garden or even things in your property. The non-native Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) and roof rats (Rattus rattus) are two of their most problematic species, although indigenous wood rats (Neotoma spp.) Seldom cause problems around the home. Sturdy wire landscaping mesh will help prevent these possible nuisances from gaining entry into your gardens, compost bins and home.

Attach 1/4-inch, sturdy wire mesh to the bottom and sides of the compost bin using either staples or a different fastener.

Place 1/4-inch wire landscaping mesh approximately 1/2 to 1 inch below the mulch around plants the rats are digging up. Rats may start eating bulbs or root systems. Placing the mesh below the mulch will prevent them from digging.

Seal any openings larger than a dime on the exterior of your home with the wire mesh. Common points of entry include floor drains and fan openings. Utilize the suitable fastener, either heavy-duty staples or even screws based on the stuff of your home. Rats can easily morph their shape to fit into seemingly impossible openings.

Compatibility sheets of 1/4 inch wire mesh to the underside of the deck, burying it 10 or so inches into the ground. Bending the wire mesh to a 90-degree angle facing outward from the deck and also covering that this “shelf” with dirt or masonry can prevent burrowing rats from gaining entry to the shelter that’s underneath the deck.

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