Your Guide to Stylish Slipcovers

May 18, 2018

Gone are the times where your toss a sheet over a piece of furniture to protect it. Slipcovers can now be made a lot more stylish and completely custom. When done right, a slipcover can elevate the beauty and usefulness of your furniture piece.

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There are several types of slipcovers, from readymade to completely custom and from white to bold and trendy. By way of example, take a look at the bold striped slipcovers in this particular sunroom, which provides high drama with low commitment.

Regardless of what type you chose, weigh the pros and cons before making the leap. Becoming aware of the advantages and drawbacks can help you picked the right slipcover for you.


There are 3 types of slipcovers: ready-made, semi-custom, as well as habit. The pricing can vary drastically, with cushioned sitting on the low end of this scale.

The custom slipcovers pictured here are well trimmed and tailored with custom fabrics, making a custom option a more pricey option.

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Slipcover pros:

1. Protection. You’ll be able to use a slipcover to protect a beautiful item of furniture you need to preserve. Here, a striped slipcover protects a seat in the corner of this casual room.

2. Easy cleaning. Slipcovers are easily removed for laundering. How many times have you just wanted you could throw your sofa in the washing machine?

3. Versatility. You don’t need to commit! It is possible to modify the look of your space with the change of a slipcover. Many people would purchase two slipcovers in different colours or textures to change their look with the seasons.

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Slipcover disadvantages:

1. Style. While they could create a relaxed, cottage style, readymade, “over-the-counter” slipcovers can also be loose fitting and divert from the traces of your furniture, unlike the well-fitting slipcovers in this image.

2. Fit. Over-the-counter slipcovers are designed for standard furniture sizes and made to match mass-market furniture pieces. This may lead to a frustrating laundering experience, since it takes quite a lot of effort to get off and on and may give you a sloppy look.

3. Wrinkling. When the slipcover does not fit tightly, you might see quite a little wrinkling after use as a result of loose fit. The image above is a great example of how a well fitted slipcover can decrease wrinkling.

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1. Readymade slipcovers. Several retailers, such as Pottery Barn and SureFit, offer readymade slipcovers. They are designed for normal size furniture and also require pruning and pruning to get a fantastic fit. However, they are also the most cost-efficient and, generally, they are machine washable.

Readymade slipcovers are fantastic for applications such as a relaxed breakfast space, where the look is casual and the need for laundering is probably.


2. Semi-custom slipcovers. Semi-custom slipcovers are a mixture between ready-made and custom. You are able to take at-home measurements and submit them to a slipcover maker to produce a semi-custom slipcover that fits your item of furniture. This provides a better match for your furniture and will help prevent a lot of the maintenance involved in pinning and tucking.

This ottoman isn’t a normal size, but the slipcover has a snug fit and looks tailored for this space. This leads me to believe that the slipcover shown this is either semi-custom or habit.

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3. Custom made slipcovers. Custom is my own personal favorite and, obviously, is significantly more costly. Custom made slipcovers are quantified by a skilled and made to the exact measurements of your piece. As shown here, the cushions and frame are slipcovered individually, providing a more edgy appearance. The best advantage to the look of your space is that you are able to select any fabric or trim you want.

Hint: It is always best to involve a professional when choosing fabrics. It is important to use an upholstery grade fabric and be aware of whether it is a dry-clean or machine washable fabric.

Beth Dotolo, ASID, RID, NCIDQ

The habit slipcovered chairs over, paired with a bold zebra-slipcovered ottoman, offer both extra protection and style, offering residents a chic and comfortable spot to relax without fear.

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