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Easy and Cheap DIY Stripping Paint

January 31, 2023

Repainting furniture or outdoor surfaces such as a deck is a significant maintenance task. Over time, the paint can begin to chip away or fade, leaving the wood exposed and also making the surface look shabby. As you are able to add a new layer of paint to the present paint, stripping the paint away from the wood and employing new paint and primer to the surface can offer a better end.

Wash off the surface of the paint to eliminate dirt and dust.

Place drop cloths on the ground around the object being stripped to catch the paint chips.

Scrape away loose paint with a putty knife.

Apply paint remover on the surface of the wood and let it set for the period given on the packaging.

Remove the paint stripper from the surface by scraping it off with a putty knife or washing it away with water, whichever the producer’s instructions call for.

Sand any remaining paint stains from the wood with sandpaper, rotary instrument with sanding accessories along with a handheld sanding instrument.

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