13 All-White Bathrooms With Clean and Classic Style

February 2, 2019

Baths will be the lowest priced rooms in the home for most of us. In addition they need the maximum upkeep and cleaning. That is part of why white is so seductive in a bathroom: It produces an awareness of space, and it looks bright and clean.

But there are additional reasons to appreciate the all-white bathroom. Just like a gallery, it showcases anything else you put in it, whether that’s artwork, flowers, books, towels or rubber duckies.

Plus, it is a classic. No one can assert with a white bathroom. At worst, it is inoffensive. At best, it is elegant, clean, simple and lovely.

Sean Murphy Contracting INC..

This white bath gets its contemporary flair from the dressing table, the wall-size mirror and also the entire lack of prosper. Each of the blank, straight lines help highlight the view.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

The moment you add beadboard into a white bathroom, you are going to receive a bit of the marine. That, along with the tooled thighs of this vanity and the brightly cabinets, provides this contemporary bathroom a classic look.

Sean O’Brien Architecture

Picking a warm white and incorporating natural accessories such as this basket and these touches of timber and browns make an empty white space similar to this feel cozy and welcoming.

Todd Davis Architecture

This is almost identical to the bathroom above, but the tones are grey, and the shortage of personal touches makes it seem sterile and cold in comparison. Some of this difference is due to the manner of architectural photography, but tone produces a massive difference.

MN Builders

Natural timber shines against white. And organic light is white’s best friend.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

White doesn’t have to imply unadorned. Carrara marble flooring tiles, a subtle wallpaper and that chandelier include a lavish and opulent texture to this not-so-simple white space.

The Sky is the Limit Design

This bath is also adorned with Carrara marble tile, but it is much more of a blank slate.

Sutro Architects

It must be stated yet again: Color takes on new electricity.

Esther Hershcovich

So does artwork. This bath is a gallery that you chance to be able to shower in.

carde reimerdes

This tiny eclectic bath is able to mix and match styles and eras, as the colour brings it all together.

Daniel Contelmo Architects

A classic, creamy white bath adorned with each possible molding and prosper. Even though it is all white, it has a feminine plushness.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Pay attention to the gold-tone fixtures, a trendy and unexpected choice that might go Las Vegas against anything but bright white.

Mark Ashby Design

If you have a view such as this, it is best highlighted with a white frame.

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