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Cool Tip: Mimic Stain Using a DIY Color Wash

February 5, 2019

Very few folks dislike the look of stained wood. It enriches the beauty of the grain and above time patinates into a rich sheen that entices you to run your fingers throughout the wood’s surface.

However, the process of applying an oil-based stain is really a chore. First you will find the fumes, which need a well-ventilated workspace, then you will find brushes, rags, gloves and masks. Then there’s the curing time, which takes days.

But there’s a way to imitate the look of stain that is not anywhere near as cumbersome and costs very little in comparison: a color wash.

Chris Hill

You’ll want just a few items: brown oil paint, a little spade, a container which could hold liquid, a paint stir stick, a rag or brush, and some plastic or latex gloves.

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Chris Hill

Make the Mix

Put on the gloves. Add water to the container and gradually start including a scoopful of paint.

Chris Hill

Mix the solution with the paint stirrer before the paint has dissolved in the water.

Chris Hill

Dip the rag in the solution and produce a test program on a piece of scrap timber.

Tip: When analyzing any finish, utilize exactly the very same species of timber that you’ll use on your final project.

Chris Hill

If the finish isn’t dark enough, add more rust and paint.

Chris Hill

Evaluation on another piece of scrap or simply another side of this piece previously analyzed.

Employ the Color Wash

Either wiping or cleaning with this option will work fine. I discover that wiping it gives me the best results.

You can use these very same measures with any paint color to create a wash. Adding small amounts of paint into the brownish will allow you to create unique tints, for example red.

This technique will even raise the grain on the project, which will require further sanding between coats. For a high coat, apply polyurethane or a clear spray complete, just as you want a stained project.

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