Hot Color Combo: Warm Brass and Cool Blues

October 7, 2019

Unexpectedly the combo is anywhere — deep, rich navies and royal blues paired with hot metals such as brass, copper and gold. You have probably seen this colour pairing on or gracing the pages of a recent journal distribute, and if it may be a trend, I really don’t think that it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Why? Deep blues are timeless. Believe pea coats, blue jeans and the late-evening sky. Brass has gotten a bit of a bad rap through the years, and if you’ve ever needed to live with badly designed brass light fittings or cheap, too-shiny brass door hardware, you may be harboring a prejudice … and if so, I would fully understand.

However, I urge you to provide brass a second appearance: When the brass is solid and stately, and paired with the right blue, the appearance is sophisticated and undeniably chic. Below you’ll find a dozen ways to work with blues and brass, from the kitchen into the living area and everywhere in between.

Lane McNab Interiors

In the living area, with walls. Blue couches appear to be everywhere lately. Select something lighter or an actual navy one, such as the couch shown here. It may sound counterintuitive, but a deeper, richer neutral colour on the walls can help the bit settle in, and it’ll provide you the freedom to add more colour around it.

Chango & Co..

Project idea: Make your bookshelves pop. Eliminate the shelves and then paint the rear wall of your bookcases to make the items stick out. Navy will read as complicated and nautical; a brighter royal blue will appear fresh and contemporary. Either will look great with gold and brass beams (feel free to mix them up), and you will never go wrong with library lights.

Debbie Basnett, Vintage Scout Interiors

In the living area, with white walls. A navy couch works as a daring neutral in this fresh, contemporary living area. The graphic black and white rug, white walls and glass and brass coffee table could have felt sharp; the printed yellow drapes create a more relaxed vibe.

elegueller arquitetos

In a tiny kitchen. Buck conventional wisdom at a tiny kitchen and proceed dark rather than light. Glossy navy cabinets paired with brass hardware appear luxurious, giving this postage-stamp-size space a jewel-box feel.

Sealy Design Inc..

In a larger kitchen. Varying materials and finishes, when performed well, is a great way to create a custom look. Try navy cupboards and upper cupboards. And do not be afraid to combine metals — the aluminum pendants shown here could also work with brass or bronze hardware.

Island paint: Hale Navy, Benjamin Moore

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

In the tub. Give an old claw-foot bathtub a makeover by painting the underside navy and also the feet brass. Navy paint on the walls and a grey painted radiator produce a classy vintage look paired with classic hex flooring tiles.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

Brass hardware on the toilet and sink lends the toilet in this Victorian-era home immediate classic authenticity. To make this appearance your own, you could track down a unique mirror with a great shape to swap with your plain-Jane medicine cupboard.

Splendid Willow

Project idea: dress up a chest of drawers. Tug together a colour scheme for your entire room in one bit by making over a chest with glistening blue paint and brass hardware. Do not have an awesome classic find on hand for your makeover? Head to Ikea, scoop up a no-frills dresser for cheap and get painting.

Follow a dresser makeover from Begin to finish

Hudson Interior Design

With rustic bits: Navy and hot metals such as brass, copper and stone make a cozy match with rustic components like worn forests, hide rugs and ironwork.

Jodie Rosen Design

Project idea: Paint a navy chalkboard wall. Chalk paint now comes in any colour you can dream up — a rich blue is a welcome change from black at a child’s room, and white chalk will still show up nicely on it. Or why don’t you paint a chalkboard wall in your kitchen to coincide with your navy cabinets?

How to Create Your own chalkboard paint

Kerrie L. Kelly

In the dining area: Navy walls, a vintage-style brass pendant lighting and a black and white striped rug come here for a crisp, contemporary appearance. One red seat in the corner and an eclectic mix of artwork on the wall provide this room a unique edge.

Wall paint: Nearly Black, Benjamin Moore

Jessica Gersten Interiors

Pick (or make) an accent: Brass decoration beams are flooding the market these days, so that you can easily discover things no matter what your budget is.

Of course, if you love scouring thrift shops, you can definitely find some fabulous vintage brass animals or objects at good costs — and if everything else fails, break out a can of spray paint and provide your older accessories a fresh appearance.

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