Easy Ways to Receive Your Closet Organized at the Moment

October 3, 2019

Without delving into any psychobabble here, it is safe to say that a cluttered closet does not contribute to anyone’s happiness. Conversely, a coordinated cupboard can bring forth euphoric pleasure — or, in the very least, a sense of relief in finally discovering that long-lost blouse or pillowcase.

“A place for everything and everything in its place” This proverb sums up what we all wish for in our own closets. Achieving this takes a little more than wishful thinking, however, it does not have to cost much, if anything. Here are six simple steps you can take this weekend to get your cupboard in tip-top form.

1. Take inventory of what is now in your cupboard. Yes, we have heard many an organizing specialist on TV blather on about this, but it is true. A cupboard can’t ever be really organized if it is hiding things which have not been touched since the Bush administration.

As painful as the procedure may sound, unloading a closet’s whole contents will provide you an honest account of what lurks in the recesses. Donate or throw as necessary and start from scratch. This single act will liberate you from having a lot of useless stuff down you and crowd out everything you do value.

As soon as you understand exactly what you want to keep, adjust any shelves as needed, as in this hallway cupboard made by San Francisco Organized Interiors. Towel bars (see step 2) affixed to the door provide greater efficacy, as do ribbons that keep smaller things from becoming lost.


2. Take advantage of vacant wall or door space. Empty pieces of walls or the insides of doors are prime real estate for towel bars, hooks or dowels, like this artistic example of a tie collection made by Cantoni Design.

Hint: Hardware does not have to be elaborate to work. You may even have everything you need already in your garage. Just be certain the hardware is appropriately sized to keep the weight of the planned load.

Organize To Go

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3. Add light. Lighting is key to discovering anything in a cupboard, though so often there is not enough of it. Newer homes could have a single overhead lighting that is minimally useful, while older houses might not be outfitted with almost any light at all. Possessing a electrician add shelf light would be optimal, but it’s not cheap, and it is a momentum killer. Rather, utilize stick-on or screw-in battery-operated LED lights on each shelf to achieve the very same results for a fraction of the price tag.

California Closets – Triangle, Triad and NC Coast

4. Corral like things together. Think of your bedroom closet as you would your desk files. If these files were not arranged in some sort of comprehensive fashion (by date, client name, order of urgency etc.), you would never achieve anything at work.

The exact same is true for your own cupboard, but with slightly different aims. The cupboard should provide you with the resources to look good and get you out of the home as economically as possible. The very best approach to achieve this is by grouping like things together (colours, styles, uses, occasions) to speed up the morning outfit search.

5. Invest in good-quality matching hangers. Hanger uniformity makes finding garments easier, as it retains every article of clothing at the exact same degree. It also tames the chaotic appearance that cabinets often grow because of a selection of similar hangers.

Hint: Get rid of these dry cleaner cable hangers which have accumulated through recent years. They’re a detriment for your garments, as they make shoulder dents and bend out of shape over time. If the hangers remain in good shape, your dry cleaner will likely take them back for reuse.

Good hangers to utilize: Quality hangers can be plastic, metal or timber. Whatever you choose, make sure they are durable to withstand the weight and kind of clothes you are intending to use them for. Snow clothing, after all, will require stronger hangers than blouses.

Josh Brown Design

6. Give yourself the ability to utilize the tippy-top shelves. Not everyone is tall, but even those of us that are brief should have access to our closets’ full measurements. This closet, by Josh Brown Design, promotes such access through the use of a rolling ladder.

Wooden Stepladder – $99

If you are not interested in installing the necessary components to get a rolling ladder, invest in a trendy stool. They’re not hard to find, are relatively inexpensive and make all of the difference when it comes to getting those differently out-of-reach spaces which taunt the vertically challenged.

What sort of music will make you motivated to organize your closet this weekend? And which cupboard will you start with?

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