Chalk It Up

October 3, 2020

Are you really getting spring fever? I know I am! As anxious as I am to have outdoors and start sprucing up my landscape, Mother Nature appears to have other thoughts. If you’re searching for a simple DIY job to tackle as you wait for spring to officially arrive, chalkboard paint is your solution. Chalkboard paint is among the most flexible and simple methods to bring a little fun and whimsy to your décor. You are able to produce lists, draw pictures, create a learning centre for your children, inscribe inspirational poetry … the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Let’s explore a few of the ways ers are utilizing chalkboard paint all over their homes.

Carey Dodson

Barn doors are all of the rage, and this is charming with the accession of chalkboard paint. It’s obviously part of a child’s area but will easily transition as the child develops. I can imagine an enjoyable game of hangman occurring there in a few brief decades.

Lauren Liess Interiors

The idea of giving a fridge a facelift with chalkboard paint is so inspirational. Have you got a functional refrigerator that could use an update? Here it is! Kids will love drawing since you prepare foods, and you can not overlook the list-making chances.

Faiella Design

If you like to regularly change the décor in your house, you might consider painting a chalkboard border. This chalkboard wraps around a dining room between paneling and a beautiful coved ceiling; it’s the perfect canvas for beautiful script.


If you currently have a table that has been dinged and scratched by small hands holding toy cars, utensils and everything else imaginable, chalkboard paint may be your solution. It’s the perfect play for the young and young at heart.

See how to create this table

Keeping track of a household’s chores and schedules is essential. Adding a splash of chalkboard paint to the cabinets in your mudroom will ensure that everybody is accomplishing their jobs and getting where they need to be punctually.

If you’re feeling nervous about incorporating chalkboard paint to your furniture or walls, painting a bit of plywood framed out with molding can help ease your anxieties. The panel can be moved from room to room and altered as much as fit into any décor.

Annalea Hart

Adding a bit of paint to an inset panel on your current door will add immediate character to any room.

Nicole Lanteri Design

Chalkboard tags are easily accessible (such as these by Martha Stewart, available at Staples) and are a very simple way to incorporate a small chalkboard in your house.

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