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8 Splendidly Redesigned Home Principles All of Us Use

October 5, 2020

Have you ever noticed that there are some things around the home that we constantly expect to look exactly the same — that the hose spigot out, the plug outlet, the light switch? But savvy organizations are now bringing high design down to the smallest technical details. Here are a couple things that have been grabbing our attention lately.


Clyde Soap Dish/Brush by Kontextur, Bone and Blue – $30

This is brilliant. Rather than a soap dish filled with this watery soap goo plus a brush that melts to the side with no suitable location, the brush is the soap dish, amassing the goo and being convenient in order to have a fantastic postgardening nail scrubbing.

North America, Legrand

Adorne Collection Outlets

Rather than the usual stack, these plug holes are upside-down opposites, making an unexpected subtle composition on a wall. These days homes have charging ports everywhere, so it’s time to rethink what our sockets look like.


The Invisiplug DO003 6-Outlet Power Strip, Dark Oak – $14.68

Talking of sockets, nobody wishes to have a look in a filthy gray power strip clunking up the floor. These strips blend in. They come in several distinct “woods” to match your hardwoods.

This unique little thermostat in Nest seems like it was conceived by a group that included Kenneth Noland and Steve Jobs. Actually, it was designed by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, who had thermostat ennui. The bull’s-eye shape, variety of eye-catching colors offered and simple graphics make me look in my own thermostats and truly feel sorry for them to be so frumpy.

Learn more about the design of the thermostat

Eva Solo SweepUp Broom and Dustpan Set – $99

This slick broom and dustpan can stand in their own (no leaning demanded) and blend into a corner.

Artisan Handmade Copper Hosta Sprinkler – $89.50

This artful hosta sprinkler adds sculpture and copper foliage in addition to water to the garden combination.


Ljusa Hand-Powered Flashlight – $4.99

A flashlight is often a clunky appliance one tucks out of sight in the nightstand drawer, but the Ljusa flashlight has brazen coloring and an hourglass figure. You’ll want to leave it out as an attachment.


Kontextur WC Line Bathroom Set – $135

Talking about plungers is generally kind of gross, but those shapely components from Kontexture are just right for this cool black and white bathroom with all the white subway tile, gray grout and classic wall-mounted sink.

Your turn: Perhaps you have noticed any utilitarian home components taking on great shapes, colors and graphics lately? Let us know all about them in the Comments section.

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