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8 Ways to Design the Man Cave Up

June 4, 2018

Every man deserves a dedicated space at home to be himselfrelax exclusively by practicing his chords, entertain his buddies with billiards or even TV, or pursuing another passion. With my husband’s help I have assembled a list of great illustrations and 8 best essentials. Take a look and tell me what you think. Did I overlook anything?

Joel Kelly Design

The idea of a man cave is it is decorated solely by the man, without a feminine influence. However, if I were to get my hands on a this space, this is the way I’d want it to look. High quality timber paneling from floor to ceiling, and organized built-ins to make the most of the space (because I would not wish to give away a lot of square footage to my guy’s man cave). Dark, masculine, refined, gentlemanly.

Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC

The cellar seems like a well-suited space for a man cave. A large footprint which might have been used for irregular storage can be changed to a modern and slick room. The frosted glass, dark stained wood cabinets, and polished concrete floor are quite masculine in feel. Here a long and slim floor plan reserved for a kitchenette/bar zone along with a media/lounge zone — ideal for entertaining.

Designtech Custom Interiors

The man cave ought to be inviting, masculine, comfortable and well thought out. This room provides a den-like social space for viewing TV and references the gaming and musical elements we come to anticipate.

Designing Solutions

Another basement area feels relaxed and jocular with the playful chair fabric and display cases of sports memorabilia. The stone wall provides the impression that rugged men hang out in this space.


The perfect man cave need not be dim as long as it is multi-functional. A jukebox and billiard table are only the start. The comfortable seating and heavy burgundy walls, together with nice light and an Oriental rug, illustrate a man cave can be an attractive area in the home as opposed to a sloppy and grungy corner.


A loft man cave does not need to be dark — it can be cheerful and bright by using daylight in the form of windows and skylights, and using vibrant fabrics and a brightly colored yellow felt billiards table.

Synergy Design & Structure

Blond wood isn’t the first stain I’d think for the timber I expect to see in a man cave. But coupled with dark furniture, and the requisite billiards table, it seems cool and put together. The blond wood and white walls will make a basement getaway feel lighter and less cave-like.

Now that we’ve seen a few instances, let us review a list of man cave essentials.

Essential 1: A sense of fantasy. So you don’t need to really go all out and recreate the bat cave, but infusing your man cave with a sense of fantasy and sharing your passion for the sports legends or even comic book heroes that excite you is a wonderful way to bond with your bros..

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

Essential 2: Your home entertainment experience. Viewing a big screen television surrounded by timber paneling from the comfort of a leather recliner — with a cup holder — would be the ultimate edition.

Danenberg Design

Crucial 3: A little, concise, and well executed wet bar.

Benning Design Construction

Crucial 4: A billiards table. Is any man cave finish without a billiard table taking center stage? A round pool can be played while talking important things. At the minimum, the billiards table provides an explosion of design to the room. Don’t forget decent lighting over.

Lazzari USA – a new Foppapedretti

Essential 5: Music. Allow it to be simple to get a guitar and jam along with your friends garage band style. Create a space that is going to be a rock’n’ roll refuge.

Glenn Robert Lym Architect

Essential 6: Structure substances. Function in certain masculine substances that refer to the building site or rugged spaces. Corrugated steel, concrete floors, exposed brick, and stone are all good candidates.

Lucid Interior Design Inc..

Essential 7: A sense of humor. You have to admit there’s something comical about the idea of a man cave in the first place. Let everyone in on the joke with some funny decorations.

Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design

Essential 8: Comfortable lounge chairs. Update to a massage chair to make the most of relaxation.

Non-essential add-on: A galley kitchenette. Practice chili cook-offs with an adjoining bar counter where your pals to keep you company as you cook. This sports-themed man cave is a great setup.

Birdseye Design

Non-essential add-on: Following all of the roughhousing with your pals or even a stressful day in the office, a steam room sauna can melt away all of the knotted muscles. The salvaged wood treatment on the exterior of the sauna adds to the rustic-modern vibe .

Tell me if you were able to carve out a man cave space, no matter its size, what would you put in it? Would it be from the cellar, garage, or attic?

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