Saturated Color: Peacock Blues

June 6, 2018

My preference varies with alarming frequency. One week it is Modern Rustic, the next it is Retro Charming. However, teal (or peacock blue, if you are not into the entire brevity thing) has turned into my favorite color for the long haul. Why has it withstood my famously finicky and swaying taste? Well, just look at it. It is bold but not a shock to the eyesmoody but not overly dim; stands out of the audience with no scene. And it pairs amazingly well with everything out of neutral whites and warm woods to lipstick red (simply see under ).

Anna Lattimore Interior Design

Do not be scared of bold hues on your walls. In a shiny paint, you’ll get enough reflective glow despite the darker color.

It doesn’t need to be this literal, but using all the table lamp and bedspread a peacock pillow really struts its stuff.

Sylvia Martin

In case you have trepidations about upholstering something big like a sofa in this particular tone, side chairs are a safer bet. Check out the drama they give to this otherwise neutral room — like a pair of blue suede shoes!

Amy Lau Design

Remember what I said about moody? This reduced level bar down it to a T. And in glossy tile, lots of light gets reflected about to brighten the room.

There are many other fun elements in this room that the teal dining chairs don’t steal the show. However, with white walls it makes a wise color combination with this hip beach house — far less anticipated than normal royal blue.

Mascheroni Construction

Deep teal makes vinyl appear good, and that is seriously saying something!

Busybee Design

An area coated in peacock blue could seem too dim, especially when textured walls don’t allow for a glossier paint. One accent wall, on the other hand, gives deep color without turning the room into a cave.

Busybee Design

This hot kitchen had a cooling component, and also an unexpected coat of teal paint up above gives it style.

Beth Dotolo, ASID, RID, NCIDQ

Baby measures: A rich blue throw pillow provides just a hint of the color. I’m mad about it combined with chartreuse, too!

Philpotts Interiors

The daybed is the star of this room — and painted so. But unlike other vivid colours, peacock blue keeps the calming spa-like feel of the space.

Belzberg Architects

Yes, these profoundly vibrant blues can certainly do calm. Whether in a bathroom…

… Or enveloping bedroom. With cherry red, there is nothing sleepy (re: boring) relating to this location, yet the inky tone instantly makes my eyelids heavy — in a good way.

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