Design 2012: General-Store Style Goes Mainstream

June 14, 2019

I believe the general-store twist on blending vintage utilitarian finds into your decor is here to remain. Seeing a vintage scale using its rusted edges sitting on a new granite countertop is a perfect example — these vintage pieces tell a story and match shiny new d├ęcor to get a style balanced between old and new.

It is possible to locate accessories with that general-store design in mainstream catalogs like Pottery Barn. You will find little indie collections with large followings, such as Schoolhouse Electric, dedicated to the modern general-store design. My question for 2012: in case this general store style gets so prevalent from the mainstream, will it lose its charm?

Sandy Koepke

Hello, dream kitchen. There are many intriguing antique pieces in this space — the vintage sign, the old clock, the vintage stool and rolling cart (used as an island), and even the container holding email on the wall. And it all works really nicely with the modern faucet and countertops. This kitchen looks like it works well for the cook, but it also oozes charm.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Here’s an area that’s very modern in design, but at the big assortment of art along the rear wall, there is one bit that adds a lot: the vintage scale. Without the older scale with its worn edges, the space could seem too polished.

Hint: a couple of general-store style pieces save an area from looking like a catalog.

The Virginia House

Classic wooden crates that once held milk or sodas make the great modern-day storage solution from the entryway. I also adore the wire baskets holding all the magazines.

Check this out ideabook for how to turn a vintage crate into rolling storage.

Raina Kattelson

Typography is a big way that general store style has gone mainstream. Everyone loves personalized things — locating a letter or number that has special significance has sparked a need for vintage signs.

Hint: Do not be afraid to try displaying some artsy vintage finds in unexpected places — such as a group of hints on a radiator. The randomness only adds to the vibe that is whimsical.

Kelley & Company Home

In the vintage glass canisters into the worn vintage lunch hint, there is so much to love about this space if you are a lover of general-store style. Set against the shiny white subway tiles, these vintage finds stand out as special.

When I think of general-store design, I believe of vintage pieces that were once practical and pragmatic, even if they aren’t now. A perfect example is a vintage scale. This bit has its own charm, keeping the kitchen out of looking too dull.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

That is a vintage cigarette basket on the wall, and the coffee table is an old mill cart. The fun of finding new uses for old items is just another reason why I adore general-store style.

Kelley & Company Home

Vintage indications and blue glass canisters mix in with all the modern amenities of the kitchen. Overall, I believe the general-store design works best from the kitchen.

Palmerston Design Consultants

Vintage-style telephones other sought-after discovers that capture general-store style. I find a little bit of humor in that, considering many people have dropped their landlines in favor of cell phones.

Home & Harmony

This laundry room is calling my name. It feels very European to me personally and is filled with pretty utilitarian touches such as the metal hanging basket along with also the wooden hook rack.

Jonnie Andersen

In the vintage clock into the old trunk, these vintage finds stand out in a bunch. They may be outdated, but they are eye-catching.

Home & Harmony

A vintage scale is a cool spot to maintain a few laptops from the mattress.

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