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Splatter Patterns Let Loose in Decor

June 10, 2019

The ’80s have been slipping up on us. Trends like colour blocking and neon hues have reemerged from the archives, and paint-splattered products are back with a vengeance. Back in the day, stylish individualists would set themselves apart from splattering paint all over jeans or coats; today we are seeing with this Pollock-inspired trend on everything from art to cloths into iPhone cases. If you’d like a splash some colour in your interior, invite this lively style in.

Kanner Architects – CLOSED

You can not deny the influence of one of the greatest splatter painters of all time: Jackson Pollock. This may not be a Pollock, but it definitely takes inspiration from the artist’s celebrated style. Notice just how this 1 piece provides such a colour explosion in this otherwise neutral, minimalist space.

Modern Craft Construction, LLC

This neutral space comes alive with the addition of this bright piece, accented by a row of bold-color chair pads.

“Cosmic Dust” Plexiglass Painting – $100

This abstract Plexiglas painting provides a contemporary accent with plenty of colour.

Marc Phillips Rugs

Splash No. 4 Rug

The bold Splash rug from Marc Phillips isn’t to be ignored. Anchor a neutral room with it to get a modern belief that captures the tendency.

Splatter Pillows – $49

Accessorize your sofa or bed with bright Splatter Pillows from designer Lisa Mason. Mix and match for extra texture and colour.

Leo Fabric

Seeking to reupholster a classic classic? This splatter-style linen from Pierre Frey provides it an instant contemporary boost.

Splatter Recycled Placemat – $3.95

Jazz up your kitchen table with CB2’s Splatter placemats. At $3.95 apiece, they provide an affordable and unexpected means to incorporate the tendency to your home.

Summer Play Dessert Plates – $250

Planning to amuse this summer? Serve your guests a sweet treat to the Bernardaud Summer Play dessert plates from Vivre. The visual may be almost as delicious as the dessert itself.

Color Reform Zonpa Rug – $3,999

Have a more neutral approach into the tendency with all the Color Reform Zonpa rug from ABC Carpet & Home. You’ll still incorporate the trend and achieve loads of texture but in a subtler fashion.

Interiors by Mary Susan

Here is a good instance of a splatter-style rug in a neutral palette. Even a neutral space receives a jolt of character from this particular accessory.

Spatter Lamp

The Spatter Lamp from Bunny Williams’ Beeline Home line adds charm and playfulness.


Jackson Pollock, by Ellen G. Landau (Abrams) – $50

In case your coffee table may use a splash, top it with the exact appropriate publication Jackson Pollock, from Ellen G. Landau, accessible at Anthropologie. Learn about this famous artist and find a dose of cool style.

Your iPhone can reap the benefits of the trend with all the Empire Paint Splatter cover.

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