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Expert Talk: Treat the Eyes to Dining Room Wallpaper

December 19, 2018

From subtle to very daring, dining room wallpapers can be conversation starters as soon as your guests arrive for a dinner celebration. And why not? To estimate Bonnie Raitt, “Let us give them something to discuss.” Here are nine artists who’ve done that.

Grace Home Design

Dream enormous. This dining area is in a house in Napa Valley, California, that overlooks a winery. “The views from the dining area are wonderful, and I wanted to add some unexpected flair to the room to send it a bit on the top,” states Jennifer Visosky of Grace Home Design.

She adds, “I had been drawn to the lovely pattern and bright colour palette of the Romo newspaper and opted to cover all the walls in the dining room, the breakfast banquette and also the back shelving wall at the kitchen. Each of these spaces is different, but I thought it was essential to visually tie them together. I had been motivated by the warm, subtle but still in-your-face quality of the paper. It made me want to crawl at a seat, drink java and fantasy of wine country.”

Background: Marielle Alpine, Romo

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

Be blue. “We assembled this room around the customer’s turquoise dinner plates,” state Trevor Ciona and Curtis Elmy of Atmosphere Interior Design. “The wallpaper had the ideal colour inside, and the Osborne & Little pattern was perfect and surprising with the customer’s color narrative.”

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

Dine with drama. This distance was also designed by Trevor Ciona and Curtis Elmy. “The walls in the home were mostly white, and this wall had some drama,” they state.

The customer loves everything black and white, so a simple solution was at hand. “This trellis pattern from Kelly Wearstler includes a gloss-black overlay, which provides some depth without being overly busy.”

Michael Abrams Limited

Supply a visual connection. “The wall covering for this dining area was chosen to match the adjoining living room and also to provide visual interest in lieu of painting the rooms exactly the exact same or a similar colour,” says designer Michael Abrams. “The exact same wall covering was also utilized at the house’s foyer. This treatment ties all 3 spaces”

He adds, “I invite my clients to use wall covering to add enormous depth and visual interest to a space. I mainly recommend textural wall covering, like grass cloths, linens or silks, because they remain ageless. While wall coverings are somewhat more costly than paint, they supply a huge effect and are worth the cost. And wall coverings utilized intermittently with paint produce abrupt visual interest.”

Entertain in style. These homeowners had bought their dining room table, chairs and buffet before they hired Peggy Scinta of P. Scinta Designs. “The wife loves the colour blue and had the area painted a very deep shade that made it seem dark and dead,” she states.

“The goal was to make a glamorous and sophisticated space that would be ideal for entertaining the physician husband’s coworkers. The furniture, a large round table and buffet with entrance, was a great start. The wallpaper — silvery blue with a large-scale gold/silver metallic ogee print — became the inspiration for your own space. We then selected a small gold damask for the custom made drapery and inserted a soft blue to the ceiling. The area went from ho-hum and level to soft and shimmery.”

She adds, “We use wallpaper often in our endeavors, as it is so in vogue at this time and the possibilities are infinite!”

Background: Julian,Thibaut, Metallic Blue

Elizabeth Gordon

Go backyard green. The inspiration for this particular dining area was a backyard that’s framed by the room’s windows. “The clients wanted the majority of the home interiors to reflect the cool blues and greens found on land,” says designer Elizabeth Gordon. “The grounds have been renovated too, and I needed many of the rooms to feel like an extension of the backyard spaces surrounding the home.”

Ceiling covering: custom design, Robert Crowder; artwork: “Woods,” Lee Jofa

Amitzi Architects

Concentrate on the positive. “The niche in which the dining table sits is rather deep and far in the outside windows,” says Yuval Amitzi of Amitzi Architects. “It therefore lacks natural lighting, and also this top-lit wallpaper surface gives an alternative focus for the dining room.”

Background: Moroso

Strike a pose. Gray silk wallpaper was chosen as a sensual backdrop for the particular room in London. “The customer’s collection of contemporary artwork strikes a dramatic pose on the glistening background of the newspaper,” states Andrew Fiscus of Bruce Norman Long Interior Design. “The gray silk additionally gives a wonderful foil to the colorful drama of the dining seat fabric.”

Trick the eye. He sure fooled me. When I asked Garrison Hullinger relating to this wall covering, he advised me that it’s actually a hand-painted custom stencil, not wallpaper. “This was a custom design that I came up with, and I had the artist hand-apply that the LusterStone paint with a small palette knife. It requires many layers of the paint/plaster to acquire this much depth,” he states.

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