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Make a Tiny Bathroom Work Wonders

December 23, 2018

For example an urban dweller living with three family members and one bath, I’ve got a private interest in tiny bathrooms. We plan to include one as part of an addition to the back of our garage, but we’re going to get to move small. No health spa tubs or loungers for us ; only the fundamentals: bath tub, shower and toilet. If we’re lucky, we’ll come up with a way to acquire a bathtub in there.

But just because a room is small doesn’t mean it can’t be practical, comfortable and trendy. Here are 12 little bathrooms to inspire the small-space genius in all of us.

The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Zero-threshold showers are very common in Mexico, and they open up a tiny space. The lack of doors or dividers needs that the floor be angled toward the drain, but also adds a roomier feeling. Have a look at that flip-up wooden seat against the wall — ideal for shaving.

Celia James

Mirrors would be the oldest trick in the book for making a small space feel bigger. Since you want them in the restroom anyway, why not go a tiny funhouse-style crazy?

Hammer & Hand

We have this specific Caroma toilet-sink combo in our powder room. You wash your hands with the sterile water that refills the tank post-flush. It conserves space where a sink just is not possible, and it’s an easy way to reuse and conserve water. Additionally, it immediately becomes a dinner party conversation piece.

Mark Brand Architecture

Glass walls round this shower make both the room and the bathing space feel bigger than they really are. The sink leaves a small atmosphere inside the room.

Regan Baker Design Inc..

Where there isn’t space, there can be light (if you’re lucky). It always produces a small space feel more expansive.

ZeroEnergy Design

With the ideal materials (for example, stone and tile), you can make even a peculiar, cramped space into a stunning and functional toilet. Mopping this floor must be a breeze.

Francis Gough Architect Inc

Use the corners. This chamber has only enough room for a tiny sink that doesn’t take up any valuable floor space.

Whitten Architects

Clear out all of clutter. It’s one way to get the maximum from a small room. And utilize the inner walls. I am hoping that mirror opens into a profound medicine cabinet with lots of shelves.

CWB Architects

The elements of this space are squeezed in tightly, but the spacious shower and clear curtain keep them from feeling squished.

Normandy Remodeling

You’ll require somewhere to put things, and nothing is quite so efficient as built-in shelves. Put them high, place them low; just fit them where you can.


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