Fan Appreciation

July 15, 2019

There have been a few modern-looking fans on who have caught my eye due to their distinctive looks. These bits add style and character to a room when secured to the ceiling. And just because you go with a contemporary fan, that does not mean that you need to maintain a modern-style space, along with the industrial look of a fan does not mean a room will not feel inviting.

Universal Joint Design Associates

Add mild and a gorgeous glow. This Halo lover light has two layers of glass. The lower glass lights up the space, along with the upper glass creates a glow.

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Create an artistic statement in your ceiling. Perhaps you have seen blades like the ones on this Minka Aire Cirque George Kovacs Ceiling Fan? The enthusiast has elongated oval and curved blades of different sizes along with a slick integrated light.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Don’t shy away from bold texture. The fluting on this contemporary lover creates a mechanical texture using the textural boldness — a true standout when used on a textured ceiling.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Bring a buff into the sack. Yes, you might have a contemporary fan in a bedroom and still keep it feeling cozy and relaxing. The contemporary down pole of this Flyte ceiling fan provides a one-of-a-kind industrial look, but the mahogany finish on the blades blends into a more traditional bedroom.

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Add a light kit to your lover. Want to incorporate a light in your contemporary enthusiast? Find one which has a round glass diffuser to maintain your lover sleek and contemporary.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Balance glossy with soft. This hot Ball Ceiling Fan made by Ron Rezek coolly balances industrial sleekness using a sphere-shaped body along with a gentle extension with maple blades.

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Permit your ceilings soar. Add a contemporary spin to your kitchen with this Cirrus Hugger ceiling fan. If your walls are 8 feet high, a hugger ceiling fan will make the most of the height. Finishes include gloss white and brushed aluminum.

Lake Country Builders

Square off. Attempt a square-based enthusiast with a square down pole, like this Kubix ceiling fan. Its shape is unique and eye catching, so it functions well with a simple ceiling painted a light color.

Susan Jay Design

Don’t limit your choices. This fan not only has a distinct design, but it also comes in many finishes — such as translucent plastic — so it may take on a warmer texture or much more futuristic look to match in any room.

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Proceed commercial. This enthusiast resembles something you might see in a commercial area, using its extended air-foil blades along with nominal base. It is meant for residential homes but also functions in damp places using a covered roof, like a terrace, a porch or a deck.

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Tie in the Appearance of cables and bolts. The industrial cables and round bolts on each blade provide this contemporary enthusiast a industrial flair. It looks like it is held up by the cables, like a cable-stayed bridge. You may find it in brushed metal or golden espresso (pictured).

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