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In Love with Pairs

July 12, 2019

If you haven’t noticed, we’re a couple of days shy of Valentine’s Day. My feed is blowing up with tales of red palettes, love tokens, and k-i-s-s-i-n-g. All this talk about coupling has me looking at house accessories and furnishings and their own laws of fascination.

Maintenance to see my picks of items that were never intended to be independently and best enjoyed in pairs?

Jonathan Adler

Mrs & Mr Muse Salt and Pepper – $48

‘Salt’ would be nothing without the ‘Pepa,’ do not you believe? All these Jonathan Adler Mr. and Mrs. pepper and salt shakers in ceramic are a match made in seasoning paradise. I have never taken to guys (or women) with moustaches, but this mustachioed mister is just beautiful.

Jan Showers

Jan Showers Danielle Tete-a-Tete

Versatile in form, the split settee (a Jan Showers Danielle Tete-a-Tete) can be used as a pair, independently, or in very different rooms out of one another. But remember that to get a tete-a-tete to happen, both pieces will need to be current, oui?


Clarus Kissing Pair of Candleholders – $50

How can you possibly keep these two apart? World renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid created a sculptural piece in crystal with these kissing candleholders. Stare at them long enough and you’ll begin to see two lovers with their backs arched, pressed against each other.


Pair of Classic Japanese Ikat Pillows

A lone throw pillow on a couch is a sad sight, even more so with a lone Ikat pillow. Boost the fairly pair’s utility by propping one beneath your head and another beneath your toes as you lay supine on a daybed.

Bjork Stool – $260

It is no surprise that yarn stools, poufs, ottomans, and stone are on trend these days. They have such multifunctional appeal, not to mention they are chemical-free and made of natural fibers. Place two together for a child-friendly java table, then use them individually as side tables (topped with a bare or tray), or get a mismatched pair and use them as intended.

New Icon: Felted Wool Stones


VivaTerra Moroccan Hanging Lamp – $149

An individual would be fairly, but two could cast a warmer glow. All these hand-punctured Moroccan pendant lamps can transform a banal evening into a exotic Arabian night. Yalla!

More Moroccan Style


Classic Pair of Teak Atomic Boomerang Dishes by Wise Apple Vintage – $14

An irresistible pair, vintage teak dishes let you place your candy treats in one along with your salty goodies in the other. Party perfect!

House & Hold

Not your typical mugs, this collection keeps you guessing. If you’re not sure how to maintain the bone china pieces, it might be best to find another set in case they split; these Stockholm Quaker Mugs, sheer when held against the light, are made of rather thin clay.

High Street Market

Pair of Brass Impala Bookends – $88

A symbol of male strength and art, these brass horned impala will eternally be combined — bookends simply don’t function as singles.


Jonathan Adler 12-oz. Mug – $24

Elephants, considered sacred in some areas of Southeast Asia, are a personal favorite, so it is not surprising I really like Jonathan Adler’s Darjeeling teapot and cup, including the traditional coupling of the mahout (driver) together with his elephant. Another thing to appreciate about the set: The item was hand crafted in Peru through the Aid to Artisans project, which joins American designers with artisans from developing countries to promote fair trade practices.

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