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Feng Shui Basics for a House

August 7, 2019

Our homes are our havens, and having just a little thought and effort they could help us keep a clean mind and a calm outlook. The new year is nearly upon us, so if you’re searching to get it off to a positive beginning, you may benefit from several easy-to-implement mind-cleansing projects for the holiday season. Apply some of these easy feng shui principles to your house — good chi (energy) may well flow.

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Feng shui, literally translated as “wind and water,” is a 5,000-year-old Chinese system and concept based on a set of universal principles and laws of nature, applied to our living environment. These principles are believed by many to help us attain happiness, health, prosperity and liberty. While feng shui has no detailed scientifically proven studies to back up its principles, countless feng shui masters stand by their outcomes.

In feng shui talk, your front door is known as the “mouth of chi.” Help bring good energy into your house by keeping it clean and well lit. Remove all clutter from in front door so you don’t block this fantastic energy.

Painting your front door green is thought to bring increase; red can bring wealth; gloomy, relaxation; and brown, stability. And as even people who don’t practice feng shui know, the relatively straightforward job of painting your front door a fresh color can change your mood.

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Clutter is the archnemesis of feng shui. Air and vitality ought to always be moving, and clutter is like a stop sign to energy, trapping it and keeping you stuck before.

In some Asian cultures, spring cleaning has been completed three times before the New Year’s Day, representing the sweeping out of any disputes or signs of bad luck. People in the cultures do not sweep till after the new year, so that they could collect the good-luck dust into a corner of their home.

Throw some broken objects, replace blown lightbulbs and be ruthless with things that you haven’t used or worn in the last 12 months. Wash your hands under running water for at least three minutes when you’ve completed cleaning. This washes away all the bad energy that got in your hands in the procedure.

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Paperweights are not just beautiful decorations; they can also help boost growth and strength in feng shui. Circular paperweights conjure the stability of ground.

Put one in your office or study and help increase your imagination and encourage new ideas. Try sitting a crystal paperweight on any bills you’re owed to increase prosperity. Do not put a paperweight on any invoices you’ve to pay, as it may increase your cost.

Collect your favourite paperweights and exhibit them together for extra luck.

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Plants bring brilliant chi into a house or working environment. Home offices require as much good energy as you can muster, and why not get it from brilliant and vigorous plants? Massive plants such as lily, bamboo and jade types are high on the list for good energy.

If you are short on space, one small house plant is better than none whatsoever. Keep your plants healthy and well fed and they will reply in kind.

This soothing, minimalist study distance shows us how joyful indoor plants can make us if they are cared, and these plants appear happy in return. Maybe it’s because they get to relish an occasional jam session.

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Mops and brooms are used to remove dirt and clutter from the home. Feng shui considers they carry part. Maintaining them outside would be perfect but isn’t always sensible. Keep them in a cabinet in an upside-down place to help to block the energy.

Try to make sure the cabinet you shop a mop and broom in isn’t in the room you eat in, as the dining room signifies food and prosperity, and you do not need that swept away. Also, a broom or mop shouldn’t reside in the front room of your house, as you do not need the positive energy that arrives to be hauled away.

A well-organized laundry or mudroom like this one will keep your mind filled with positive energy.

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Screens are extremely popular with all the Chinese, as they are a sensible and gorgeous way to block energy that is moving too quickly. Ideally, energy must curve and flow gently throughout your home.

In case your front door faces your back door, the electricity will race from one through to the other and won’t benefit you whatsoever. Try placing a small screen someplace in between to redirect the energy.

In case you don’t have a dedicated room for your home office or study, use a screen to split it in the rest of the area. This may include the work energy as much as you can.

A busy workspace may happily exist behind this contemporary fretwork screen.

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Music is a positive and soothing element in feng shui. If your house is too silent, you may have an abundance of yinpassive or passive energy which could influence your whole household, even making you unwell.

An ideal chance to acquire the yang, or good energy, flowing is when you’re cleaning or decluttering your home. So open all of your windows, turn the music up and get going. And as a regular settlement, play gentle music for 10 minutes after weekly for a month or two, and you ought to see a permanent improvement in your energy levels.

Keep all your equipment behind closed doors, as with this magnificent custom-made television and stereo cabinet, to avoid negative energy.

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Electronic devices are believed to make negative energy through electromagnetic fields. Ideally, you need to minimize your exposure to the myriad devices our homes today seem to have.

The bedroom is a sanctuary for rest, and uninterrupted sleep is paramount to achieving a successful and productive life. Try a few simple ideas to help lessen the flow of energy. Keep your alarm clock at least 3 feet away from your bed. If you are not going to banish your tv from your bedroom, enclose it inside a cabinet and closed the doors when you’re sleeping.

The blue-gray used with abundance within this lavish bedroom strongly encourages relaxation.

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