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How to Add Shine

November 14, 2019

Hardwood floors need regular maintenance to protect the showroom shine you first fell in love with. A regular cleaning program and basic precautions should keep hardwood floors. But if your hardwood floors have scratches, ingrained dirt or dull places, you will need to deep-clean themrecoat them resand them, based on the degree of the harm. These are heavy duty cleaning projects, which require training, expertise and costly machinery, so it pays to keep a fantastic maintenance program to avoid them altogether.


Sweep your hardwood floors regularly. Should you use a vacuum, then attach a sensed head to avoid damaging your flooring. Built-up grit damages hardwood floors and causes them to look dull. Regular sweeping and dusting is the simplest and most affordable way to keep your floors with all the glow you adore.

Clean spills on your flooring fast with a soft fabric. If spills aren’t cleaned simultaneously, they can damage the fiber in the wood and require expensive treatments to repair.

Dust mop your hardwood floors with a microfiber cloth dampened in hardwood cleaner. According to the National Wood Flooring Association, standing water and other fluids will dull the finish and damage the hardwood floors. Use wood cleaners sold or recommended by hardwood flooring manufacturers.

Floor Repairs to Add Shine

See to your hardwood flooring to an additional clean. You will need a professional floor. Scrub the floor with a intensive hardwood flooring cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. Scrub again with a commercial flooring cleaner and polish with a microfiber fabric.

Recoat your flooring before it wears down to bare wood. First clean it thoroughly with a wooden-floor intensive cleaner recommended by your hardwood flooring manufacturer. Employ regular floor cleaner and scrub with a specialist cleaning machine. Apply a new coat of complete and repolish with a cleaning system.

Resand your hardwood floors when they are worn down to bare wood. Use a professional floor sanding machine. Clean with a wooden-floor intensive cleaner and use a new coat of finish. This is an extreme fix for badly damaged floors; you should not need to do so if you take good care of your hardwood floors.

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