Media Wall Hides the Video in Plain Sight

September 11, 2018

One of the great issues of today’s interior design is the thing to do with all the tv. These bits of electronic equipment and all their associated equipment are essential to our lifestyle and ubiquitous in their often-haphazard positioning throughout our homes. The most common alternative has been for homeowners and designers to conceal the tv in cabinetry in an endeavor to get it from perspective, a hit-or-miss remedy since most times the cabinet doors are left open and the tv rears itself.

So it’s refreshing to see that media wall. Here, the tv is hidden in plain sight. Integrated into the overall design aesthetic and colour palette, the tv, when on, is like every other tv. But when turned off, the screen blends into the surrounding framework of black squares. There are no doors to close nor any gear to hide away, this tv simply disappears when the “off” button has been pushed.

Produced by Kelly Reese of Richlin Interiors at Naples, Florida, this press wall is the recipent of a American Society of Interior Design South Florida Chapter (ASID FSC) Design Excellence Award (DEA). Congratulations Kelly for a job well done!

Richlin Interiors

The media wall is a focus of the main family gathering space and is visible from many areas of this open plan home. An 18″ heavy bump-out has been constructed to accommodate the tv, wiring and speakers. This bump-out was then painted a contrasting colour which makes it as a focus.

The hallway to the left of the media wall includes a cupboard where the necessary audio/visual gear is placed. Maintaining the gear nearby and liberally controlled makes the press wall’s design cleaner.

Richlin Interiors

Instead of getting the tv lost in this large area, the entire media wall is similar to a large abstract painting, perhaps not unlike something by Josef Albers using its rectangles within rectangles.

The big, dark rectangle which frames the tv consists of a number of smaller leather wrapped panels which are removable and conceal the speakers.

Richlin Interiors

The leather panels are jammed where the speakers are located. Different size perforations were field tested to create certain these panels did not interfere with the sound quality. Close up, it’s readily apparent that you will find non-perforated and perforated panels. This distinction is not as obvious at a distance.

Richlin Interiors

Accessibility to the tv as well as the ability to adjust the viewing angle were also significant to the homeowners. To provide this entry, the tv is mounted on an adjustable arm that is hidden while the tv is pushed back flush with the wall.

Richlin Interiors

The entire media wall is nicely designed and crafted to create sure everything matches and will continue to look good for many years.

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