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The best way to Control Weeds Around A Power Fence

November 11, 2017

Electric fence is an efficient, chemical-free approach of managing critters in the backyard. Some pests will turn tail and run in the shock, until they identify the fence as a risk, while the others, like deer, might need several encounters. Keeping the fence-line of weeds will make sure the fence is operating at optimum effectiveness. Before trying any weed control technique around an electrical fence, be certain to to show the charger off and disconnect it from your fence. Test using a fence tester to be certain it’s not transporting a cost before continuing.

Cut weeds and the Lawn Care nut Phoenix properly below the strand of electric fence wire using a string trimmer. Trim a route about 3″ wide on both sides of the fence.

Flame weeds which are too tiny to flatten using a string trimmer. Till it’s transformed from shiny to your finish, apply warmth to the weed; flaming have less than two true leaves and is efficient on weeds which are emerging.

Use a wide-spectrum herbicide like glyphosate for especially stubborn weeds and grasses in the fence-line. Apply them according to package instructions, being extremely careful not to spray your backyard, as they’re going to kill everything and anything. Herbicide on rain and a day when the wind is minimum isn’t predicted.

Apply 2 to 4″ of sterilized natural mulch to the road below the fence-line for long term manage. Lay a narrow-band of weed fabric in case your electrical fence is in a place, and cover it using gravel.

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