The best way to Plant a Purple Sand Cherry

November 10, 2017

Expand the colour palette of your landscape with all the outstanding foliage of the purpleleaf sand cherry. A deciduous shrub that creates both flowers and fresh fruit as well as season-long red-purple leaves, Prunus x cistena grows to around 8-feet tall and broad and could be planted as an individual specimen plant, as a hedge, or as an accent or back-bone plant in a mixed border. It had been bred to operate to winter and thrives in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant-hardiness zones 2 through 8, but can prosper in greater zones if the summer warmth isn’t severe or the plant is sheltered from afternoon sunlight.

Dig a 1-foot deep hole in the place that’s for planting your sand cherry, your first-choice, to perform a check that is drainage, as it will not do properly with roots that are persistently moist. Fill the hole with water and let it drain. Refill the hole. Put a yardstick to the underside of the hole and notice the water level. Come back in a hour. Select another website, in the event the water hasn’t dropped more than 2″.

Dig a hole using a garden shovel in your last planting place that’s as wide and 2″ more shallow in relation to the planting container keeping your sand cherry. Planting the shrub somewhat greater than surrounding soil stops problems caused by settling, including crown rot, in accordance with the “California Master Gardener’s Handbook.” In the event the soil is compacted loosen the soil in the underside of the hole together with the blade of the shovel.

Remove the pot in the sand cherry transplant. Loosen any roots which can be matted together with a utility knife or your fingers across the base of the root ball. Cutting these roots really spurs root development, and doesn’t hurt the plant.

Set the plant in the underside of the hole. Lift it up and include soil under the the root ball as required to keep the crown of the plant over the around s Oil.

Threequarters the hole about threequarters total together with the sam e s Oil removed the hole., when digging Stand straight back to appear in the plant; make changes if it’s not flawlessly vertical. Fill the hole in entirely. Don’t a DD natural material, like compost, or fertilizer to the indigenous s Oil when re filling the hole

Mound s Oil 2″ large in a circle despite the pot diameter that was authentic, while the plant becomes to generate a water-well proven.

Water the plant, filling the properly, to to stay lots of times a week and the s Oil within the first-season of the sand cherry. Water a-T least once a week thereafter climate needs.

Apply A2 to 3 inch layer of natural mulch across the plant, keeping the mulch a-T least 3″ again in the crown of the plant, outside the water-well.

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