The best way to Install a Plastic Threeway Corner Cap on Drywall

November 6, 2017

Bay Area houses have vaulted ceilings and a lot of windows to make the light. This enables builders to produce ledges and intriguing market areas the homeowner can use to enhance. These areas will soon be positioned at the top of where two walls meet. This produces a three way intersection. To make the intersection corner stage seem great, a three way plastic corner cap is employed. All these aren’t difficult to install plus they produce a corner end that is easy and tough.

Dry suit the corner on the dry wall corner to create sure all obstructions including screws are from the way. Note the location where the corner matches. Remove the corner.

Scoop compound and spread the putty within the region on all three surfaces where the corner will match.

Press the corner cap on the drywall corner such that compound is being pushed by it out the edges. Clean the compound that is added far from the plastic and eliminate all compound in the face that is plastic. Allow 15 minutes before implementing the corner bead.

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